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The POPI Act will be implemented to protect and guide organizations to manage how personal information can/must be used and protected. Businesses handles huge amounts of data and the POPI Act as such will have significant implications on businesses. The Act, in short, will affect business as follows:

  • Prospective or current customers must have an option to opt-in only to receive direct marketing information.
  • Certain conditions apply to the collection, holding, use, dissemination or processing of personal information.
  • Businesses can only collect and use the necessary personal information for the purpose of a transaction.
  • Specific, appropriate, reasonable organisational and technical measures must be taken and implemented to ensure that personal information integrity and confidentiality is maintained and that losses, damages or unauthorised destruction of personal information is prevented.
  • Personal information transferred across border must be done legitimately and within specific conditions

Businesses will have to determine certain key aspects in order to implement the POPI Act, this being, among other aspects:

  • What information they possess falls within the Act requirements?
  • How is it currently and will it be used, protected, stored?
  • Who has and will have access to it?

Business will have to identify and implement safeguarding policies/protocols to ensure compliance and must ensure that they get consent to use personal information for current and future personal information. The Act prescribes serious penalties: fines that can go up to R 10 million or 10 years imprisonment, but there are also many that will help to improve optimization and efficiency in organizations. It will be worthwhile for every business to invest and obtain advice to implement correct policies and procedures now.


Our POPI Act implementation methodology follows the ISO PDCA cycle phased approach. It is dynamic, simplistic and flexible to ensure that we provide a sensible optimized solution to our clients’ business environment in order to become compliant.

POPI Act implementation methodology

Plan Phase

We get involvement and buy-in from top management to understand the requirements related to the Protection of Personal Information Act and assist them to put a strategy in place. This phase also involves the identification of an Information Protection Officer and project plan the approach.

Do Phase

We will assist you to determine your current level of maturity in respect of privacy optimisation and POPI compliance by doing a POPI gap analysis. The gap analysis is done prior to policy development in order to establish where you are as an organisation against the conditions specified in the POPI Act. The analysis will provide us with information to design your POPI policies and procedure, implement and train staff. This is followed by operational control to maintain your policy and procedures.

Act Phase

The act phase requires organisation to establish the effectiveness of implemented policies and procedures. We will assist you with internal audit procedure design and implementation and will guide your internal auditors through the first internal audit. Management review of systems are very important and we will assist you to setup a Management Review platform so that the system can be controlled and managed.

Check Phase

Preventative and corrective actions are required to ensure that the POPI policies and procedures are effective and sufficient to maintain compliance. During this phase we will assist organisations to ensure their continued compliance with the POPI Act by implementing continual improvement policies so that they can ensure that they remain compliant.

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Several businesses reach a stage in their business cycle where current systems are old and outdated or where packaged software systems no longer provides optimal solutions to fit your business requirements. We have a huge amount of software design and implementation experience as well as resources available to assist you in finding the correct solution, customize and convert current systems or to build you a system from scratch.


All our solutions can be purchased as an individual solution or in any combination most suitable to serve the needs and requirements of our customers. The flexibility of this model allows us to integrate our systems with each other and/or with your existing solutions so that you can manage your business efficiently and optimally.



SOQ Solutions provides Workforce Optimization and services to assist customers in managing the resource utilization, workflow process along with technology requirements environments like call and contact centers. SOQ Solutions management experience will provide the knowledge, skills and training to mentor your staff to become more efficient.

SOQ Solutions will coordinate from start to finish the requirements gathering, design and reporting phases along with the implementation of your system to reflect how you do business. We will manage and liaison between vendors, external contractors and your project team to ensure a smooth cut over from existing systems and implementations of new processes. SOQ Solutions offers a full suite of Workforce Optimization and Contact Center Technology services that include:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Contact Centre Technology
  • Business Metrics
  • Workforce Management
  • Operation Optimization
  • Staffing Solutions